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pura vida costa rica [Aug. 5th, 2004|09:31 pm]
Costa Rica ranked nothing below prior expectations. I flew into Liberia, and took a cab to the first destination (and a prime surf spot)-Playa Negra. The cab voyage didn't fit under the classification of NY taxi or any hired car under any classification. It was a modified amusement park ride in which we sat in a large van, crossed bridges that were untrustable to say the least and forged knee-deep water by wheel. After a 2 hour drive (which distance-wise would have taken about a half an hour in the states) we arrived at Playa Negra. Sitting, sleeping, swimming, (i got some alliteration, no?), music-listening, failing to surf because I had no board, and of course consuming calories in a league of eating rarely discovered by someone bearing less weight than 500lbs. Monteverde was next: rainforest hiking and zip-lining (flying solo via cable, harness and rolling aparatus with lush rainforst hundreds of feet below). Then, Arenal which had natural volcano hot springs. This segment of the trip also marked the first day of seeing my cousins (who live in Costa Rica by method of the Peace Corps). I took the bus up to cano negro with my sister and cousins, which is where Travis and Catherine (cousin and wife respectively) live. While in the villiage of three hundred we participated in helping develope a basketball court, playing soccer, saving turtles, and listening to ethnic music of the region. This general time period is where I first started thinking incomplete thoughts...in espanol. My parents met us the following day and after several days we went back to Liberia and flew home. This description didn't do the trip service to the smallest degree. Interesting things that do not regard the content of this vacation but I either learned or experience during the trip: I missed my friends a lot, spanish is easy to speak if you're surrounded in it, i missed alex a lot, the peace corps recieves less government funding than the band in the army, costa rica is the most wealthy central american country, tacos mean soccer cleats as well as the food in central america. That's enough. I'm signing off. Ciao.

[User Picture]From: broadwaylova
2004-08-07 07:15 pm (UTC)
i missed u too dancer boy
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