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TODAY [Aug. 30th, 2004|01:00 am]
I felt free today. I woke up to my friend Sara peeping her head into my room just to see if i was awake. We went to lunch in Beverly Hills where the women are beautiful and the sandwiches are good (and fucking gigantic; mine was incredible). We went into The North Face store and my sister bought a backpack; I was busy trying on beanies and making other people feel uncomfortable. I like doing that; it makes me feel more comfortable, by juxtaposition. This was perhaps the event that welcomed me into my day of mental freedom. I've decided that mental freedom is the same as physical freedom as long as one makes the connection. One would be to overwhelmed to recognize experiencing two types of freedom at once, or conversly, constriction. Therefore, one weights there freedom, or lack therof on one type. Wearing a beanie, which obviously does not fit with me, frees my physical agenda-I'm in disguise, if you will. My physical freedom leads me to believe that if in disguise, I can do anything i'd like, and additionally think anything I'd like. Continuing my day, I read, ate, and swam with Edouard and Sara. I then went to the UCLA recreation center to have a picnic with our family friends, the Korvins, our family friend David and his girlfriend who brought her two small daughters. This consisted of more swimming, socializing, and of course, eating. The second defined "free event" of my day was running about the field with Edouard at night, both listening to the same ipod and singing for many to hear. No analization is nessecary to explain where freedom comes in. Next, I saw garden state with Edouard, my sister, Emma and Sara. I won't explain why I enjoyed the film so much (it needs to be done in-person), but it was very interesting and i highly suggest it. I apologize for writing so much. Ciao.
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Variety [Aug. 23rd, 2004|04:53 pm]
The two-week jazz dance intensive that i signed up for began on the last Monday and as a result of going six hours daily: I'm sore. I am one scene away from finishing "The FBI Guy"- a short film to be screened in several weeks along with "Wake Up Call". The stress of school breathing down my neck is beginning to swell and it is accompanied with a side of anxiety as i have to choose weather or not to take journalism.
Yes on journalism: must take an A period, have a lot of work, be stressed, learn, see ms. horn daily, enjoy journalism,.
No on journalsim: no A period, less work, more time for activities, less learning, no ms. horn, no journalism to enjoy.
Yesterday I had an "Alex Day", which is, without a doubt, my favorite category of day. We hung out at her house, watched "Office Space", ate, went to Rhino Records, ate, quoted "Office Space, ate, went to dinner, walked, had the best kiss of our lives, said goodbye and i went home and ate.
I have desires to make big, adventurous plans for this year. The plans in detail i will describe in another entry. I'll sign off with our metaphoric eyes on the future.
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termites [Aug. 13th, 2004|11:23 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |doors]

Causes and Reactions of the events taking place in the last several days:
termites in house-house gets tented
house gets tented-family gets relocated to le merigot hotel
family's relocation-john gets inspired to invite friends to the hotel
friend plans fail-john goes to alex for comfort
john goes to alex for comfort-alex visits for a day
alex's visit-john loves alex mucho
swell in emotion-john gets motivation to write in live journal
writing in live journal-john refers to himself in third person

Sunday is catalina with nicole (and fam), cody, and alex...fun
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pura vida costa rica [Aug. 5th, 2004|09:31 pm]
Costa Rica ranked nothing below prior expectations. I flew into Liberia, and took a cab to the first destination (and a prime surf spot)-Playa Negra. The cab voyage didn't fit under the classification of NY taxi or any hired car under any classification. It was a modified amusement park ride in which we sat in a large van, crossed bridges that were untrustable to say the least and forged knee-deep water by wheel. After a 2 hour drive (which distance-wise would have taken about a half an hour in the states) we arrived at Playa Negra. Sitting, sleeping, swimming, (i got some alliteration, no?), music-listening, failing to surf because I had no board, and of course consuming calories in a league of eating rarely discovered by someone bearing less weight than 500lbs. Monteverde was next: rainforest hiking and zip-lining (flying solo via cable, harness and rolling aparatus with lush rainforst hundreds of feet below). Then, Arenal which had natural volcano hot springs. This segment of the trip also marked the first day of seeing my cousins (who live in Costa Rica by method of the Peace Corps). I took the bus up to cano negro with my sister and cousins, which is where Travis and Catherine (cousin and wife respectively) live. While in the villiage of three hundred we participated in helping develope a basketball court, playing soccer, saving turtles, and listening to ethnic music of the region. This general time period is where I first started thinking incomplete thoughts...in espanol. My parents met us the following day and after several days we went back to Liberia and flew home. This description didn't do the trip service to the smallest degree. Interesting things that do not regard the content of this vacation but I either learned or experience during the trip: I missed my friends a lot, spanish is easy to speak if you're surrounded in it, i missed alex a lot, the peace corps recieves less government funding than the band in the army, costa rica is the most wealthy central american country, tacos mean soccer cleats as well as the food in central america. That's enough. I'm signing off. Ciao.
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packing (reprise) [Jul. 27th, 2004|07:07 pm]
There's no need to put theatre as an interest on live journal when the word "reprise" shows up as an entry's subject. I packed for my week in Costa Rica (to visit cousins in the peace corps) anticipating hot and humid weather. It should be thermally enjoyable. I am excited for many aspects of the trip, specifically surfing, hiking, helping with the peace corps, warm waters, and zip-lining over the rainforest. I will miss my friends and alex, but i'm sure i'll be kept busy enough not to notice. I had a great day with alex today where there was much hanging out, eating, Family Guy watching, talking, and talking to Caitie on the phone. Edouard is in France as of today, Sara is at camp as of 5 weeks ago, Sam is in England as of 3 weeks ago and Andrew is in NY as of several days ago; everyone's escaping LA...about time. I'm off to Costa Rica. Ciao.
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glorious alex [Jul. 24th, 2004|07:37 pm]
I feel obligated, in an obsessive compulsive manner, to update my journal by writing the daily happenings. here are the highlights: I had eggs, tea and tost. I had a sandwich lunch immediatlly following breakfast. Alex came over. We watched Glorious together and it was hilarious. Alex and I hung out, quoting Eddie Izzard nonstop. I had a really good time with alex...as usual. I dropped alex off at samo for cuckoo's nest. Cuckoo's Nest is good - you should see it. Call 4585939 to get tickets. Had a jamacian dinner...good stuff. Danced like nobody was watching. I want to speak Indonesian fluently.
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dance [Jul. 23rd, 2004|09:59 pm]
Today marked the first day back from a 2 month break of dancing seriously. I went to the valley with my fellow dancer friend Taylor, and we took a drop-in with Michael Owens, whose dancers were ensemble in the film Chicago. I discovered as i stretched that a two month break from dance is not exactly an intelligent move, it was very clear that the class ahead of me was going to be a challenge. Dancing adjacent to professional dancers made me look worse, even though i did relatively well in general. One of the women was a dancer in Fosse on broadway, whom i recognized instantaneously. Others were current cast members in Hairspray at the pantages. Michael Owens held a fantastic class that I will be undoubtedly returning to regularly; he had a bongo-type drum, which he hit with a mallet. In addition to hitting the drum with the mallet he also hit my foot when it wasn't pointed enough. I enjoyed his class regardless of the voilence.
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santa cruz [Jul. 23rd, 2004|09:45 pm]
This Thursday was by far the longest day of my summer. I mean that in a literal sense (measured in hours) and also in a figurative sense which has a meaning that will become more evident as i explain the happenings of that day. I woke up at 3AM to get in a carpool with five friends and drive 2 hours up to Santa Barbara. We pulled into the parking lot of the local marina and tried to find "The Conception"- the boat that would take us and the rest of the ocean camp to Santa Cruz island for the day. At 6AM we got on the boat, and after a brief dophin sighting i reitred to my downstairs bunk, where i stayed sleeping for the remaining 2 hour boat trip.
Activities on Santa Cruz in chronological order: eating bagel, swimming in fucking freezing water, getting used to fucking freezing water, snorkling, getting bored of snorkling, kayaking, kayaking through caves (which was unbelievably cool; we found an underwater tunnel passagway that connects the ocean to a cave and the cave itself was laden with seals jumping, honking and tipping our kayaks in the pitch black), eating banana, being lazy.
The boat ride home was the same as the boat ride there as i slept the whole way.
Car Ride was uneventful
IN-N-OUT Burger break
When i arrived home i couldn't comprehend that my 3am wake-up took place on the same day, (it's understandable as i took 2 naps, not to mention one during the first car ride - my day had been broken up into four subdays.
Day's rating: thumbs up
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weekend with alex [Jul. 11th, 2004|10:28 pm]
For the first time I feel I actually have a use for this journal. I will take advantage of this rare opportunity. On Friday i couldn't go to ocean camp because my cold was too severe. By now it's just a mild cough that normally occurs in the night time but several days ago i could barely speak. Saturday i woke up nice and late followed immediately by breakfast and a call from alex. It was my 6 month! It was alex's birthday! We spent the day together - lunch, chill, relax, chillax, patty's pizza, and we saw "The Music Man" at the morgan-wixson, what a large turd. It was good for spotting the parts we will be getting next year, but a less then mediocre production. Alex and i both agreed that we bonded that day with intensity, and it was very clear: we talked on the phone until 2:30am which caused me then to wake up in the vicinity of noon. After waking up, reminiscing upon the fantastic day i had yesterday, i had brunch with zoey at 17th street cafe - good stuff. I had the least productive day possible until around 5 when alex called. I picked her up from school (cuckoo's nest), we came to my house and hung out until we walked down to Spumoni and had dinner - our third date, then we walked home and talked about some important things (and surprised each other a bit...). We arrived at home and hung out some more. Alex, you said you could spend three days with me and it would feel like five minutes - ditto, (I miss Sweet Charity). This was by far the best hang-out session i've ever participated in. We found our song: "Come Fly With Me" - sinatra. Then we danced and here I am missing her already after less than an hour.
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packing [Jun. 23rd, 2004|10:55 pm]
Here I am, sitting obediently at my computer, adjacent to my growing to-do list pouring prose sloppily onto a white rectangle of pixels creating a supposed piece of time that merely a couple of people shall will read to either 1) satisfy the hunger of their own loneliness by strengthening personal bonds of which the actual substance is composed a candy-coated shell of aesthetic socialism - in its entirety superfluous to the person and humanity as a whole, or 2) occupy the time of the being while building an image that he/she is not alone in their electronic narcissistic actions. Holy shit, the compendium of words created above were funneled into the length of one weakly standing sentence. Did I label the title of this entry packing? Honestly...
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